Pay Bills and Transfer Funds
Find information on how to use Online Banking to make bill payments and transfer funds between accounts.

How do I:

 Pay bills
 Pay multiple bills
 Transfer funds
 Make a bill payment or a transfer at a later time
 Create or update my payee list
 View previous bill payment
 Transfer Pre-Authorized Payments
 View my list of postdated payment and transfers
 Add another RBC Royal Bank customer to my payee list
 Make a transfer to another Royal Bank customer
 Add an Interac e-Transfer recipient to my payee list
 Interac e-Transfers
 Assign nicknames to my accounts and payees
 Transfer money to and from my RBC Bank (USA) account
 View my Bills Online using RBC ebills
 Interac Online
 Cancel a memorized bill payment or transfer

Last modified: 06/06/2012 15:41:37