How do I make a payment to my RBC Royal Bank Visa?

We offer many options to pay your RBC Visa Card

Online Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM or at your local Branch.

You can make a payment to your RBC Royal Bank Canadian dollar Visa by using Online Banking, by telephone at 1 800 769-2511, at an RBC automated bank machine or by visiting your local RBC Royal bank branch.

At this time, US Visa accounts cannot be paid using Online Banking.

Automatic (Auto-Pay) monthly payments

You can request automatic monthly payments to be set up for your Visa account. There are three options available for automatic payments:

  1. Payment of the full balance as shown on the statement
  2. Payment of the minimum payment amount as shown on statement
  3. A predetermined amount can be taken each month

Set-up period for automatic Visa payments can take up to 2 monthly cycles to take effect.

To proceed with this request contact us by phone at 1-800-769-2512 or by using the email function within Online Banking. Please let us know the payment account number and the type of automatic payment you wish to make.

Payment by Mail

For payments on all products except US Visa Gold payments

Please allow sufficient mailing time to process our payment by the due date.

P.O. Box 4016 Station A
Toronto, ON
M5W 2E6

US Visa Gold payments

P.O. Box 6901 Station A
Toronto, ON
M5W 1X6

By Wire

Royal Bank of Canada
320 Front St. West 14th Floor
Toronto, ON
Canada M5V 3C8
To wire funds, the following mandatory information is required
TRANSIT (Routing #) 09005-003
Clients Name:
Account #:
Address: (where statement is mailed to)

Our SWIFT code is ROYCCAT2 and our ABA routing number for US Dollar correspondence is 021000021.

There is $10 fee if you wire funds. This fee is withheld at the originating financial institution and thus reduces the payment by $10. For example, if you make a Visa payment of $500, only $490 will show as applied to your account.

We do not accept wire payments from Western Union


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