Consent to Receive Electronic Delivery of Statements and Notifications for Royal Credit Line® Accounts

The following agreement and consent will govern the electronic delivery of your Statements and Notifications to you.


You consent to the electronic delivery of your Statements and Notifications in Online Banking subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Definitions
    In this agreement and consent:
    Legal Information” means important legal information delivered in addition to your Statement, including, without limitation, changes to your Royal Credit Line Agreement, credit limit, interest rate, payment information, service fees or other charges (similar to inserts enclosed with paper Statements or information provided on Statements themselves).
    Message Centre” means our online communication centre located in Online Banking where information may be securely communicated between you and us. 
    Notifications” means Royal Credit Line Information and Legal Information.

    “Online Banking” means our online banking service that you access via our Web site.
    Royal Credit Line Account” means your Royal Credit Line account that we have opened in your name or in your name and the name(s) of another borrower or borrowers for which you have selected electronic Statements and Notifications.
    Royal Credit Line Information” means important information about your Statement (similar to the information located on the back of paper Statements.
    “Statements” mean the statements for your Royal Credit Line Account that we provide to you each month in accordance with your Royal Credit Line Agreement.
    You” and “Your” mean the individual who is enrolled to access this Online Banking service and who is a borrower on the Royal Credit Line Account and “ we”, “us” and “ our” mean Royal Bank of Canada.

  2. When Consent Takes Effect

    Your consent to electronic Statements and Notifications takes effect immediately, although depending on your Statement date, you may receive one more paper Statement and/or Notification in the mail.

  3. Electronic Delivery Process of Royal Credit Line Statement and Legal Information
    1. Your electronic Statements and Notifications will be made available for you to review in Online Banking. We will provide you with access to your electronic Statements and Notifications via links in Online Banking and links in messages to the Message Centre.
    2. Royal Credit Line Information and certain Legal Information may appear on the Statements themselves.  All other Legal Information will be sent through messages to the Message Centre or through links in messages to the Message Centre.
    3. We will notify you when your new electronic Statements and Notifications are available by sending notification messages to the Message Centre. If you do not delete these notification messages, we will automatically delete them after 90 days from the date the messages first appear in the Message Centre.
    4. In addition to the notification in (c) above, you may select to have an email sent to the personal email address you specify in Online Banking advising you that an electronic Statement is available.
    5. You understand and agree that:
      1. you will access Online Banking on at least a monthly basis in order to review your electronic Statement and Notification;
      2. if you have requested email notification remember, (i) email communication is not secure or reliable and the email notification may not be received by you in a timely manner or at all, (ii) you must notify us of any change to your email address, and (iii) your request to receive email notification does not in any way change your obligations to access Online Banking at least once a month to review your electronic Statement and Notification; and
      3. we will not be responsible to you in any way for any damages or costs incurred by you as a result of your failure to: (i) receive an email notification, (ii) review your electronic Statement and Notification, or (iii) pay any amounts owing as indicated on your electronic Statement, including, but not limited to, any interest you may have to pay.
  4. Technical Requirements.  All electronic Statements and Notifications are presented as PDF files and require you to have Adobe‡ Reader‡ software installed on your computer. We do not own or operate, and are not responsible for, Adobe Reader software.
  5. Availability of Electronic Statements and Notifications.
    1. During the time that you have chosen electronic Statements as your statement option, you will be able to view in Online Banking any Statements available to you for up to seven (7) years from the end period of your Statement as long as your Royal Credit Line Account remains open and you continue to be enrolled in Online Banking.  The electronic Notifications and any other notices that we send to you through the Message Centre will be available in the Message Centre for ninety (90) days from the date we first sent them to you in the Message Centre, unless deleted by you.
    2. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of each Statement and Notification by saving or printing a copy while it is available to view in Online Banking. We can provide you with a paper copy of your Statement at our standard fee.
  6. Review of Electronic Statement.   You are required to review your electronic Statement.  If you think there is an error, you must contact us within 45 days from the date of your Statement or we will consider our records to be correct.
  7. Statement Options.  You or any co-borrower on the Royal Credit Line Account can change the preference from electronic to paper Statements and Notifications for the Royal Credit Line Account at any time by contacting any RBC Royal Bank Branch or Royal Direct at 1-800-769-2512.  You or any co-borrower on the Royal Credit Line Account can also make this change by clicking on the Statement and Notification Options link in Online Banking.
  8. Provision of Paper Royal Credit Line Statements and Legal Information.   We may provide you with paper Statements and Notifications if we deem it appropriate or if we are unable to provide them electronically.
  9. Changes to this Agreement and Consent.  We may change the terms of your consent by providing you with written or electronic notice, including by providing you with notice (i) in your electronic Statement, (ii) in the Message Centre or otherwise in Online Banking, or (iii) sent to the email address you last provided via Online Banking or to your mailing address last appearing on our records. If you access Online Banking after the effective date of the change it will mean that you have agreed and consented to the change.
  10. Electronic Statements are not part of the Document Presentment Service.  The electronic delivery of your Statements is separate from the Document Presentment Service described in your Electronic Access Agreement. The terms and conditions of the Electronic Access Agreement regarding the Document Presentment Service do not apply to the electronic delivery of your Statements.
  11. Other Agreements.  This agreement applies in addition to your Electronic Access Agreement, which governs your general use of Online Banking and your Royal Credit Line Agreement, which governs your Royal Credit Line Account.
  12. Language.  You and we have expressly requested that this Agreement and all related documents, including notices, be drawn up in the English language.  Vous et nous avons expressément demandé que ce contrat et tout document y afférent y compris tout avis, soient rédigés en langue anglaise (Quebec only/Québec seulement).

Please take this opportunity to either print this Consent or save it for future reference.  In addition, a copy of this Consent, as amended from time to time, is available in Online Banking under the “Legal” button in the Web page footer.