4. Recordkeeping Options

You may select only one of the following recordkeeping options for each Account. Please refer to your specific Account features and services for details:

“Notifications” means the notices of changes to Account agreements, increases in fees and the introduction of new fees applicable to a Personal Deposit Account, including new disclosures related to the Account from an Account switch or conversion. eNotifications will be sent electronically to your Online Banking Message Centre instead of mailed to your home. You agree, and if this is a joint Account at least one co-owner must agree, to enrol and stay enrolled in Online Banking to receive these documents electronically. Please contact us to request a paper copy of an eNotification sent to you in your Online Banking Message Centre..

All Account statements are produced on a monthly basis and are issued after the Monthly Cycle ends.

If you choose to receive Account statements and the Account is a joint Account, only one Account statement will be mailed to the address of the Primary Owner, unless you have told us otherwise. Any notifications telling you of upcoming changes to your Account will also be mailed to the address of the Primary Owner unless you have given us other instructions.

If we mail a paper statement or notification to the last address provided and it is returned to us as undelivered, we will not mail documents to that address again. The onus is on you to tell us if you have not received an Account statement or notification. It is your responsibility to keep your mailing address current with us.

Clients with Multiple Accounts:Your privacy is important to us. This is why we put in place criteria to ensure your personal Account information is not shared with unauthorized individuals. If you own multiple Accounts and you have selected to receive paper statements, you will automatically receive all of your statements consolidated in one statement mailed to you in one envelope. Each Account listed on the consolidated statement that has the cheque images option will be charged the applicable monthly recordkeeping fee. Alternatively, you can ask us to have your statements produced separately and mailed in one envelope or mailed separately at no additional fee. Braille paper Account statements are not eligible to be consolidated on one statement or to be combined in one envelope.

Viewing Transaction Images in Online Banking: If you have and are enrolled in Online Banking, you can view digital images of the front and back of your cheques, any other available Debit Transactions and a voucher that corrects an ATM deposit for free. Only items less than 90 days can be viewed online.

Upon viewing the digital image, you can either choose to download and print a copy of your cheque or ATM deposit for free of charge, and/or request a paper copy of the item mailed to you (for Debit Transaction items only) at a fee of $5.00 per item. The $5.00 fee for having a paper a copy mailed to you will be charged regardless of your recordkeeping option for your Account.

For transaction images that are 90 days or older, you may request a paper copy be mailed to you for a fee of $10.00 per item. This fee is waived for eStatement Accounts.

Other Recordkeeping Services: You may also request the following recordkeeping services and, depending on your Account, you may be entitled to some of these services for free or at a discount. Refer to your specific account features and fees for details.

  • RBC Royal Bank ATM mini statement
  • RBC Royal Bank ATM full statement