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What is Pay with Points?

Use your points when, where and how you want to!

As an Avion Rewards member, you can use your Avion points where you need them most. Pay household and credit card bills, earn statement credits, send Interac e-transfers, and pay in-store using your smartphone.

Pay Credit Card with Points

Use your points to pay down your Avion Rewards credit card balance.

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Pay Back Purchases with Points

Use your points to redeem towards eligible transactions as a statement credit

Here’s how to Pay Back Purchases with Avion points:

  • Sign in to RBC Mobile or Online Banking
  • Go to credit card transaction details page
  • Double click on any particular transaction
  • There will be transaction details like purchase date, merchant name etc. and a Pay with Points button
  • Click on the Pay with Points button and go to the Pay Back with Points page where transaction details appear along with the current full points balance that is available
  • Choose any amount of points to use to “offset” all or even just a portion of the purchase amount
  • Redemption is completed with a confirmation and Avion points will be deducted from account balance right away
  • A credit will be posted on credit card account within 1-2 business days with a description of “rewards redemption – merchant name”
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Send Money with Points

Use your points to send an Interac e-transfer.

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Pay Bills with Points

With Pay Bills with Points, you could redeem your points to make a same-day bill-payment to any Canadian payee or credit card. Use RBC Royal Bank Online Banking as you normally do, to pay your phone bill, internet, hydro bills and more.

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Payback with Points In-Store

With Payback with Points In-Store, you can now use an eligible wallet app (iOS, Android and Samsung Pay) to redeem your Avion points for purchases you make in stores.

Please note: With every purchase made through Payback with Points In-Store, at the time of purchase, the full purchase amount of the transaction will be charged to your credit card at first. For the portion of the points redemption, a credit will be applied to your credit card account within 2-3 business days from the date of your purchase.

  • You can redeem points towards your last purchase made with Apple Pay by logging into the RBC Launch app and selecting the transaction banner at the top.
  • Get started by selecting the Samsung Pay app icon or by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.
  • Select Pay with Avion Points and choose how many points you’d like to use towards your purchase.
  • Tap to pay and complete your mobile purchase transaction in store.

Pay with points in the Avion Rewards app

Redeem your points for bill payments, credit card payments, to send money and more.

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