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Don’t think you have enough money to get started? Investing is sometimes more important than how much you invest. The sooner you begin to invest, the greater the opportunity to realize wealth.

Ready to invest?

Roytrin Mutual Funds are open-ended funds specially designed by RBC Royal Bank, to offer the opportunity to invest in professionally managed portfolios.

  • Access to specialists: An RBC Investment Specialist will take the time to understand your goals and provide you with information on our range of investments.
  • Invest regularly: Just $100 a week can grow to over $223,650 in 20 years.*
  • Set it and forget it: Automatic contributions via our Digital Banking platforms make it easier to save regularly.
  • No charges: Unlike many other mutual funds, there are no charges when you buy Roytrin units.

An RBC Investment Specialist is ready to work with you to show you how RBC Roytrin Mutual Funds can help you reach your goals.

Click here (opens new window) to learn about investing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Investment Specialists Location Contact
Sita Ramdhanie RBC Trincity 684-3970
Fahreena Ramkissoon RBC Maraval and St Clair 717-1187
Jean-Maurice Ferdinand RBC West Mall 702-9898
Susan Durbal RBC St Augustine 702-9802
Carlene Joseph-Seerattan RBC Couva, Pt. Lisas and Marabella 789-5957
Cherise B. Murrell RBC Independence Square and Park Street 745-6553
Daren Ramkissoon RBC St Augustine 721-4850
Ronnie Balraj RBC Chaguanas 467-3355
Natasha Kirpaul-Mohammed RBC Gulf City and Princes Town 727-5994
Balmatie Minwah-Mohammed RBC Arima and San Juan 764-8926
Adita Sharma-Kamaludin RBC High St. and Point Fortin 721-5098