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When we invest in youth, great things happen.

RBC is proud to partner with WE and WE Day to support and to celebrate young people making a difference in their community and shaping the world of tomorrow.

Explore WE Day

WE Schools are making change, one classroom at a time.

WE Schools challenge young people to make a difference, because everyone has the power to create positive change in their neighbourhood, and around the world.

WE Create Change is making a big difference out of small coins.

Small change can make a big impact! WE Create Change is a coin drive campaign that gives young people the opportunity to raise money for families in developing communities.

Every WE RBC Virtual Visa Debit transaction makes a small donation.

A portion of every purchase made with your WE RBC Virtual Visa Debit card is donated to WE Charity, helping you make change with every dollar you spend.

“We've partnered with WE to ensure young people at 8,000 schools across Canada are equipped with skills for lifelong learning.”

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