Permissions & Uninstall Instructions

In order to use RBC® Wallet app you must accept a list of permissions which will give you access to a range of services.
The following table lists the permissions, their descriptions and why access is required. Please note that the presentation of this list of permissions and which items appear will differ depending on your device model, platform and OS version.

Permission Why RBC Wallet Needs Access
Your Location – Approximate location (network-based), precise location (GPS and network-based) Used to customize list of available gift cards for purchase based on your location
Phone Calls – Directly call phone numbers, read phone status and identity Used to enable click-to-call functionality
Network Communication – Full network access, view Wi-Fi connections, view network connections Used for communication with RBC Wallet servers
Your Social Information – read call log, read your contacts Used to add recipients from your device contact list when sending gift cards
Device Access – Near Field Communication Used for contactless point of sale transactions with payment cards
Feedback or Rating – provide in-app feedback Used by Feedback feature

To Uninstall the RBC Wallet App From Your Android Device:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select “Apps” (or “Application manager” on some devices)
  3. Locate and select the RBC Wallet app and then tap “Uninstall”. This will automatically delete the app from your device.