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Share Expenses with Anyone in Your Social Network

Share Expenses

Going in on a gift with friends or family? Split the cost through the RBC Wallet app.

Track Payments

Balances are displayed on the group dashboard. It’s easy to keep track of who owes what to who.

Request Money

Use the Request Money feature to nudge the group to send what’s still outstanding.

Here’s How It Works:

Download the RBC Wallet app.

Create a group with friends or family and send them an invite by text directly through the app. You can also copy and paste a link to share.

Note: The people you invite don’t need to be RBC clients.

Whether it’s a bill, a gift or anything else you’re sharing, add your new expense to split the cost with the group.

Easy Split Mobile

Give Easy Split a Try

It’s a simple way to split the cost of a shared expense. Download the RBC Wallet app to try Easy Split today.

Get the RBC Mobile app in the App Store (opens in a new window)