Permissions & Uninstall Instructions

To access all the features and services of the RBC® Wallet app, you need to allow certain types of permissions.
The following table lists the permissions, their descriptions and why access is required. Please note that the presentation of this list of permissions and which items appear will differ depending on your device model, platform and OS version.

Permission Why RBC Wallet Needs Access
Your Location – Approximate location (network-based), precise location (GPS and network-based) Optional feature – used for sending a location-based RBC eGiftTM.
Phone Calls – Directly call phone numbers, read phone status and identity Used to enable click-to-call functionality in the event that the client is locked out of their account.
Network communication – Network access, view Wi-Fi connections, view network connections Used to communicate with RBC Wallet servers. RBC Wallet requires Internet access but does not ask for permissions for details of network connections.
Notifications – Device push and display notifications Used to display the Split Pay notifications.
Your Contact list – Read your contacts on your device Used to select a recipient in the Send Money, Request Money, and Group Money Request features.

Used to select a recipient in the RBC eGiftTM feature.
Your Photos Saved on Your Device – Access your photo gallery Optional feature – used to select a photo for the Group Money Request feature.

Optional feature – used to display photos available for personalizing Interac e-Transfer.
Your Camera on Your Device – Access your device level camera Optional feature – used to take a picture for the Group Money Request photo.

Optional feature – used to take a picture for personalizing Interac e-Transfer.

To Uninstall the RBC Wallet App From Your iOS Device:

  1. Highlight and hold down the RBC Wallet app icon on your screen. There will be an “x” mark located on the upper-right hand corner of the icon.
  2. Tap the “x” mark and the app will be automatically deleted from your device.