Making Shopping a Little More Convenient.

When you use the RBC Wallet app1 on your smartphone you're putting the future into the palm of your hand. Tap-to-pay for everyday items, just like you would use your RBC Royal Bank personal credit or debit card.

How to Pay

Once you've set up your card(s), there is no need to fumble with cash or dig for your physical card for small purchases like coffee or a quick lunch.

Look for these symbols at the checkout

Unlock your phone, select your RBC card and hold your smartphone to the contactless reader

Wait for confirmation of payment and you're on your way

Getting Started

In order to use the contactless payments feature of the RBC Wallet app, you will need:

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Top Questions About RBC Wallet...

You can add any eligible RBC credit cards, and your Client Card (Interac debit card) to your RBC Wallet.

Where can I use RBC Wallet to make payments? You can use the RBC Wallet to make payments anywhere “tap” or Visa payWave / MasterCard TAP & GO / Interac Flash is accepted. Most contactless terminals will contain the following symbol to indicate that they are contactless-enabled:

You should always have an alternate form of payment available with you to ensure you don't experience delays should the technology not function.

When downloading the RBC Wallet app, you'll be presented with a list of permission categories. RBC Wallet needs certain app permissions so you can access all of its great features like sending gift cards to someone on your contact list, click-to-call for gift card support and to let you pay with a tap using Near Field Communication (NFC).

If your smartphone is lost or stolen or you suspect fraud, you must contact RBC Royal Bank immediately by calling the Risk Centre at 1-800-361-0152 to report your mobile cards and/or smartphone as lost, stolen or compromised to fraud. In addition, you must also report it immediately to your mobile carrier to ensure your phone and/or SIM card isn’t used by an unauthorized person.

Similar to contactless payments, mobile payments are for small purchases — transactions typically under $100. However, each merchant has its own limit for maximum transaction values for contactless and mobile payments so check with them before you use the RBC Wallet to make a payment.

Yes, a data connection is required to download the RBC Wallet app, set up your card information and make a mobile payment.