Shopping Just Got Faster, Easier and More Secure

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Use at Most Terminals

If you can tap, you can use Samsung Pay for purchases up to $100 using your Samsung device. (That’s right—just about any payment terminal in Canada).


A Secure Way to Pay

Once your card is added to Samsung Pay, the actual card number is replaced with a digital token, so no one will ever see it. Plus, all purchases are authenticated with your PIN, iris or fingerprint2.


Payback With Points

If you have an RBC Rewards credit card, use your RBC Rewards points anytime you make a purchase using Samsung Pay. Set a redemption amount and redeem on the spot while still earning points on the full transaction amount.

Setting Up Samsung Pay is Easy

To Get Started You’ll Need

  • Your physical RBC debit and credit card(s)
  • To add your card to an eligible Samsung device

    • Just follow the simple steps on your Samsung device. Adding a card is easy!

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Paying with Samsung Pay

Simply swipe up from the home button on your Samsung device to access your credit or debit cards and use your PIN, iris or fingerprint to complete your purchase. Use Samsung Pay at just about any terminal where you can tap, scan or swipe a payment card.

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