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Aboriginal Banking

Aboriginal Banking Services


Business Banking & Trust Services


Whether you are an Aboriginal government, organization, or small business person, RBC Royal Bank offers products and services to assist you in the financial management of your operation.

Royal Trust Aboriginal Services

Royal Trust, serving Canadians since 1899, was the first major financial institution to create a division solely dedicated to meeting the needs of First Nations' claim settlements. Since 1990, our Royal Trust Aboriginal Services Group has been monitoring current claim issues to ensure that our customers get the maximum benefit from their settlement.

Business Loan Insurance Plan

RBC Royal Bank's Business Loan Insurance Plan provides extra financial security to your business by helping to pay off or reduce your RBC Royal Bank business loan if an owner, guarantor or key employee passes away, is diagnosed with a critical illness of cancer, heart attack or stroke, or if a business owner becomes disabled.

On-Reserve Housing Loan Program

RBC Royal Bank recognizes the importance of on-reserve housing issues and has developed a national program to provide housing loan financing to assist with the on-reserve housing requirements of First Nations and their members. To allow for flexibility, the program is structured around on-reserve land.

Cash Management

RBC Royal Bank's cash management systems provide services that allow you to manage your cash disbursements, collections, investments, and banking activities. Our user-friendly system allows you to handle your banking activities from a personal computer without the need to visit a branch or make a phone call. This can help reduce the time it takes between making a banking decision and taking action on that decision.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT lets you immediately transfer funds electronically from any of your designated accounts to other accounts, suppliers, or other companies and organizations. The highest level of security is built into the software system to ensure complete protection.

Payroll Services


Are payroll and human resources (HR) administrative tasks robbing you of valuable time? Let us put you in touch with ADP Canada, a specialist in payroll, human resources management systems, benefits administration and time and labour management solutions. ADP knows administrative tasks such as payroll, employee time and attendance reporting, tax filing and HR management are time consuming and labour intensive. Outsourcing these activities to ADP, the largest payroll and HR management systems provider in the world, makes sense - and it's cost efficient. There are many input options available - by telephone, PC or over the Internet - and they'll find the solution that works best for your business.

ADP is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. They are committed to ensuring that customer problems are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. With ADP products, you choose the best capabilities available - whether they're in your organization or theirs. By combining state-of-the-art technology for on-site management with outsourcing from the industry leader, you have the flexibility and control to design the perfect payroll and HR system to fit the specific needs of your business.

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