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Why Plan Now?
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Retiring From Your Business


Why Plan Now?: Run your own business? Thinking about retirement? Advance planning can help you expand your options and make smarter long-term decisions.

Personal Benefits
Operational and Strategic Benefits

Common Exit Strategies: Four of the more common exit strategies for business owners.

Passing the business to family
Selling to partner or employees
Selling to a third party
Winding down the business

What's Your Business Worth?: Whichever exit strategy you choose, a crucial factor is the business valuation. You'll need to establish an accurate value for the business so you receive a fair price.

Tackling Legal & Tax Issues: Tax issues are perhaps the biggest single factor in estate planning. The goal is to legally minimize the tax burden for the deceased owner's estate, spouse, family and business itself.

Grooming Your Successor: Whether your exit plan involves family members, business partners or even employees, a great deal of work must be done to ready the company's leadership for continued success.

Creating & Implementing a Retirement Plan: Your business may not need the full range of experts out there, but it is worth involving at least one experienced small business advisor.

Your Exit Strategy Team
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