Make Interac Flash® part of your daily routine

Use Your Card

Use Your Card to Tap with Debit

Tapping your RBC Royal Bank® debit card is a fast, easy and secure way to pay for items up to $100. Just hold your card to the terminal and go!

Use Your Phone

Use Your Phone to Tap with Debit

Use your smartphone to pay for everyday items, anywhere contactless payments are accepted, just like you would tap your debit card.

Using Interac Flash to Pay is Safe and Secure

There are a number of security and anti-fraud measures in place to protect you and your Interac Flash-enabled debit card:

  • Your Interac Flash debit limit is automatically set at $100 for each tap transaction
  • You must insert your card and enter your PIN after every $200 in Interac Flash transactions you make
  • You are covered under the Interac Zero Liability Policy so you can shop confidently knowing you’re always protected against unauthorized transactions.
  • Interac Flash uses RF-enabled smartcard technology, which is specifically designed to protect sensitive information.