Your Future By Design



You picture your retirement as a time when you can continue to contribute to your children, grandchildren and even your parents. You also want to make sure you’re prepared for life on your own. Knowing that your future includes both comfort and care for yourself and for those closest to you would allow for full enjoyment of your retirement years.


Does this sound like you?

“I want the best for my family. That means ensuring my children have every opportunity for success – from education to housing – and that my parents enjoy the comfort and care they deserve.”



You’re looking forward to retirement as a time to pursue your goals, while still meeting the needs of your loved ones. Being able to deal with any changes in your health in order to ensure your quality of life as well as those who count on you is important to you. You’d like to ensure that the transition to retirement is smooth and without stress for everyone, including you!


Does this sound like you?

“I want to live my life to the fullest, and good health is the foundation for everything I want to accomplish. Maintaining my health will always be a priority.”



You picture yourself in your dream home, or renovating to modify your current residence for future needs. Spending more time in your vacation home or wintering in warmer climates may also be on the agenda. Ultimately, you want to be able to fully enjoy your new lifestyle, knowing you can afford any taxes, increased expenses, or insurance coverage required.


Does this sound like you?

“We want a home that’s more than just a place to live. We see a beautiful home as our sanctuary – and as a reward for so many years of hard work.”



You want to enjoy your free time, and look forward to structuring it in a way that allows you to afford and partake in a range of your favorite activities. You’ve pictured your retirement as a chance to spend more time with friends and family. You’re also looking forward to travelling more, and exploring new activities and want to be sure you can afford to be footloose and free.


Does this sound like you?

“My retirement will be filled with the people and activities that I enjoy and value. Family, friends, and the things I love to do – it can’t get any better than that.”



You want to enjoy your legacy now, reaping the double benefit of actually seeing the legacy you are creating and possibly reaping the rewards of tax benefits. You’ve planned your estate to ensure the causes and people that matter to you are able to receive your assets efficiently. You feel a great sense of purpose knowing that you’ve made a difference and left your mark on your community.


Does this sound like you?

“I have a lot to be thankful for. This is my opportunity to give back to my family and community – in a way that I find meaningful.”


My BusinessMy Business

After leaving your mark on a successful business, you look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in your community or other important areas. You’d like to make plans beyond the business and ensure a smooth transition to new areas of fulfillment for yourself. You look forward to a long retirement that is well funded from your business income, or its proceeds.


Does this sound like you?

“My future looks bright. I can exit my business feeling confident that my retirement years are securely financed and that my business will continue to flourish.”



You’ve looked forward to your retirement years as a time to work less, and enjoy life more rather than stopping work all together. You thought this would finally be the time to start the career you always wanted, and would like the financial freedom to move forward with your dream. You also can’t imagine giving up all the fringe benefits and perks that came with your job.


Does this sound like you?

“Whether I start my own business or work for others, I’m looking forward to the rewards and challenges of a second career. And doing it on my own terms will bring even greater satisfaction.”


Mind & SpiritMind & Spirit

Living life to the fullest is your goal. You want the flexibility to pursue your plan, or change it if you find a more rewarding goal. You know you will have to cope with bereavement at some point; you’d be comforted by knowing that your financial house was in order. Being able to manage your own financial affairs allows you to achieve your dreams and explore your life’s purpose.


Does this sound like you?

“I’ve always wanted to learn more about our world and about myself. I have so many opportunities to do that now.”

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We Take a Different Approach to Retirement Planning

A significant part of financial planning is thinking about your retirement goals. And while money is essential to retirement planning, it isn’t everything. Planning is also about taking the time to think about what you want your retirement to look like.

Our unique approach is called Your Future by Design - and it all starts with a conversation about your priorities, like spending time with the people you care about or enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. Before we look at the numbers, we listen to you to find out what's most important to you. From there, we work together to create a financial plan designed to meet your unique retirement goals.


Your Future by Design Life Cards

  • Helps you think about retirement planning in a whole new way
  • Used by our advisors
  • Preview the Life Cards and start thinking about your priorities with our interactive tool below

Simply rank your priorities by dragging three Life Cards into the #1, #2 and #3 priority slots. Then click “Find Out More” to see your results.

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