Dreaming of moving into your own home one day?

Investing regularly—such as weekly or monthly—can grow into a large sum over time that could help make your dreams of home ownership come true!

  • The sooner you start, the more it adds up. Investing regularly (weekly, monthly, etc.) can grow into a large sum over time. Start with $75 a week or another amount that fits your budget.
  • Make it automatic. Saving for your goals is easier when you set up regular automatic contributions with a TFSA-Matic® or RSP-Matic® at RBC®.
  • Get the right advice. An RBC advisor can show you how Tax-Free Savings Account(opens new window) (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plan(opens new window) (RRSP) and other plans could help you reach your goals.

Investing Made Easy

Here’s how a regular automatic contribution at RBC works:

  • Get started with as little as $25 per week (or another amount)

  • Contribute weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.—whatever fits your budget

  • Contributions are automatically debited from your account with RBC Royal Bank or another bank

  • Invest in mutual funds, GICs and savings

If you are ready to set up regular automatic contributions to your existing investment account, sign in to your Online Banking now (opens new window).

How Quickly Could Your Savings Add Up?

In just 3 easy steps, the RSP-Matic calculator will show you how much you could save by contributing to an RRSP on a regular basis.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Try our Investment Wizard(opens new window) to find the right investment option that best matches your goals, investing style and time frame.

Getting Started

To start saving towards your goals, or for help deciding what's right for you, contact an RBC advisor today.

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