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Managing Your Finances is Now Easier Than Ever!

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What You Can Do with myFinanceTracker.

myFinanceTracker is your very own online money management tool that simplifies the way you stay in control of your finances. Plus, it's FREE(1) with RBC Royal Bank® Online Banking. Whether you're a myFinanceTracker regular or not, with access to more tools, more apps and more features, you'll get an even clearer picture of where your money is going:

Account Summary Account Summary

View all your finances at a glance, including your banking and credit card accounts, investments, mortgages and loans with RBC or other financial institutions — by using the Link an Account function.

Spending & Cash Flow Spending & Cash Flow

Track where your money is going with the Expense Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Credit Card Usage, andNet Worth functions: easy-to- read pie charts and graphshelp you to identify spending and income patterns, so youcan make smarter spending choices.

Bugeting & Goal SettingBudgeting & Goal Setting

Stay on top of your spending and manage your money efficiently by creating budgets setting financial goals. Used in conjunction with the Track Spending & Cash Flow tools, Budgets and Goal Setting can help you save more for the things you want and need the most.

Dashboard & myApp StoreDashboard & myApp Store

Customize your home page with the information most relevant to you and add apps simply by going to myApp Store and downloading the apps you like onto the home page for easy access.

Financial CalendarFinancial Calendar

View all your financial transactions for the month on a single screen in the calendar format and plan your cash flow for the near future.

myFinanceTrackerManage myFinanceTracker

Customize Categories, Account Groups, Category rules, and Alerts to suit your own needs and preferences.

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How to access myFinanceTracker

  1. Click on the "Back to Accounts Summary" button below.
  2. Once on the Accounts Summary page, scroll down to the "myFinanceTracker" tab.
  3. Click on the "My Expense Analysis" link and start.


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1) Transaction fees for fund transfers and bill payments may apply when using Online Banking depending on your account package.


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