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MyAdvisor Answers the What-ifs

Do you know how much you need to retire comfortably? If you don’t know, you are not alone. In fact, a large majority of not-yet-retired Canadians (83%) say they've saved less than they think they'll need for retirement2. With MyAdvisor, we can help solve this question and more, including:

  • How am I tracking to my retirement goals?
  • When could I retire if I contributed more?
  • What impact will CPP/QPP and OAS have on my retirement income?
  • Will I outlive my money in retirement?
  • When will I have shortfalls? How prepared am I for contingencies?

How MyAdvisor Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether you are near retirement, or already in retirement, see how you’re tracking with visuals of your goals, net worth and your retirement inflows and outflows over time.

Assess where you stand against your retirement goals by linking any additional accounts to create your full financial picture3.

Meet with an advisor through video chat, by phone or in person to review your retirement goal, preferred retirement lifestyle and projections. They can walk you through a multi-year projection, so you can understand how different sources of income, taxes, expenses and inflation could shape your retirement.

Want to act on a recommendation from your advisor or make a change? Simply sign into RBC Online Banking to update MyAdvisor or book a check-in today.

Progress alerts let you know whether you need to adjust the amount you are saving in order to reach your retirement goal and advise you when you are at risk of moving off track.

In minutes, you’ll have a better idea of where you stand, see recommendations to help you grow your savings, and be able to book a one-on-one with an advisor.

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What Our Clients are Saying…


Yes, MyAdvisor is available exclusively to RBC clients. You will need to have an RBC product—such as a chequing or savings account, an investment, etc. to activate your personalized plan.

If you are not an RBC client but want to use MyAdvisor, we can help you get started. The first step is to book an appointment at a branch near you or call us at 1-844-248-0558 to help find the services that are right for you.

Not at all! MyAdvisor is designed to make the process of monitoring and reaching your goals very simple. You just need to share some information about yourself, your finances and your goals.

We will help you understand the numbers—how much money you have and what you need to be saving—to help you reach your goals.

Get a personalized plan with MyAdvisor—it only takes a few minutes! We will guide you through a series of simple questions. Here’s an overview:

  • Sign in to RBC Online Banking.
    Not yet enrolled? Enrol Now.
  • Choose the goal(s) you want to save for and the RBC accounts you want to see in MyAdvisor so we can give you a more accurate view of your money
  • Tell us a few details about your income and expenses
  • Answer a few questions about your investing thoughts and preferences

And you’re done! You now have access to the MyAdvisor dashboard where you can adjust your plan, review your goals and monitor your progress any time.

Absolutely! Getting started is easy, but if you prefer having an Advisor walk you through the steps, you can book an appointment at a branch near you or you get started over the phone by calling 1-844-248-0558.

There is no additional cost to use MyAdvisor. Some investments you hold may have certain fees and expenses (such as mutual funds), but there is no extra fee to use MyAdvisor.

Your RBC accounts will automatically connect to MyAdvisor and adding accounts outside RBC is a snap. You can add chequing and savings accounts, registered plans (such as RRSPs and TFSAs), non-registered investments, mortgage balances, loans and other accounts outside RBC.

Just link your non-RBC accounts (linking is easy and no transactions are initiated) or manually add account information to get a more complete view of your money.

Think of MyAdvisor as another member of your financial team. You will have easy access to MyAdvisor to track and forecast your progress. You can also connect and work with an advisor for guidance and recommendations whenever you need to at no additional cost.

I’m Ready to Try MyAdvisor

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