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Royal Online Gold


Royal Online Gold allows you to bank online when it suits you and is tailored to fit a variety of user authorization needs. Your account manager will advise you of the available options so that you can choose the level of sophistication to meet your authorization needs.

Feature Benefit
Ability for clients to perform local and foreign exchange transfers between accounts securely via the internet. No need to visit the bank to perform Foreign Exchanges transactions.
Ability to send 3rd party payments in several currencies around the world from client’s office via the internet Reduces the need to send paper instructions to the bank.
View balances and transactions for authorized accounts Saves time. Convenience of having information at your fingertips.
Download balances and transaction history using a variety of standard formats for import into client’s accounting system. Use of cutting-edge technology to save time. Reduces need for hard copies.
Ability to store payment details for repeated transactions as templates. Reduces processing time for repetitive payments.
Customizable user access: Employee access can be restricted so each employee can only view accounts they are allowed to view. Employee access can be restricted so each employee can only perform transactions they are authorized to perform. Designated users can quickly approve or reject transaction requests. Confidential information can remain secure.

Allows for appropriate segregation of duties and supports control systems.

Reduces the potential of losses and lowers risk exposure.
Efficient record keeping and accounting which mitigates the need to call the bank Convenience of having information at your fingertips.

View 12 months of bank account activity.

View 12 months of transactions which were performed using Royal Online GOLD instantaneously
You can easily and securely track and monitor a transaction’s progress and approval status at each stage of the workflow - both within your organization and inside RBC Royal Bank of Canada. You will always know where your funds are
You can search for transactions by filtering client name, transaction amount or unique reference number. Spend less time researching transactions.

† In some jurisdictions exchange control forms may have to be submitted separately in order to complete Foreign exchange transactions.