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Other Services


Other Services


Payroll Management

Imagine - a simple, economical service that can save you time, and improve your productivity. Have salaries deposited directly to your employee's account and eliminate the need to write and sign cheques.

Sign up today and have your installation fees waived. That’s right…we’ll provide it free of charge!

Night Depository

Night Depository is available for business and commercial clients who make deposits after regular banking hours. Please contact your nearest branch to find out more about this service.

Feature Benefit
Disposable deposit bags. Single use, no need to arrange collection.
Access to night depository safe. Make deposits at your own convenience.
Flexibility to use facility at any time night or day. No waiting at the bank during the day and avoid risks involved with leaving large sums of money at your office overnight.
Deposit checked in joint custody. Peace of mind knowing that measures are taken to protect your interests.

Safe Deposit Boxes

RBC offers you a safe, secure, convenient, and confidential place to keep your valuables and important documents.

Feature Benefit
Choice of four different size boxes. Option to choose size which best suits your needs.
Two keys supplied per box. Added protection of having extra key in the event one happens to be lost.
Store valuables and important documents in a safe, secure and confidential banking area. Peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected from burglary, fire or other disaster.
Rental collected annually. Eliminates worry of having to budget for monthly rental payments.
24 visits per annum without additional cost. Provides access when required.

Traveller's Cheques

Using Traveller’s Cheques provides safety and security and eliminates the need of carrying cash. Available at your nearest branch.