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Credit Cards


Visa Classic

This card is ideal for everyday spending needs and life's small emergencies.

Card accepted at over 12 million locations in 253 countries worldwide.Convenient and safe means of purchasing goods and services without presenting cash.
Accepted at 257,000 ABMs & 343,500 financial institutions worldwide.Convenient access to cash whenever needed.
$75,000 common carrier travel insurance.Convenience and savings - no need to pre-arrange or pay an additional fee.
Visa USD and KYD cards available.Lowers your transaction cost
Itemized monthly statement.Simplified and easy to track and pay for purchases.
No interest charges when purchases are paid in full and every month by the statement due date.Savings through interest-free, short term credit.
Card can be used to secure and guarantee hotel, transportation and car rental reservations.Peace of mind when traveling.


For more information about our rates and fees, please contact your nearest RBC Royal Bank of Canada branch.

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