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Travel Essentials

Ensuring Your Safety


Here are a few tips that might help you stay safe while travelling:

  • If you are driving to your destination, or you will be renting a car once you get there, play it safe and get roadside assistance from an automobile association or your car manufacturer before you leave. If you do break down on the road, use your cell phone to call for help or put a "Call Police" sign in your window. Should someone stop and approach your car, lower your window only enough to ask them to call for help, and keep your doors locked.
  • Keep your cell phone handy--and charged up--in case you need it in an emergency. Be aware, however, that cell phones will not work in many parts of the world. Best to check ahead of time.
  • Have your travel and medical insurance information nearby should you need it in an emergency. It's also a good idea to know the location of the nearest hospital. If you have a doctor in the area, keep his or her number with you.
  • Travel with a companion when possible, and try not to look like a "typical tourist." If you're fumbling with a map and looking like you're lost, would-be thieves may consider you an easy target.
  • Keep to well-lit routes that you've already mapped out.
  • When checking in at a hotel, keep your room number private. If the desk clerk announces it too loudly for your comfort, don't hesitate to ask for a different room.
  • If the hotel has a valet service, use it. It may be a small price to pay to avoid the potential dangers and hassle of a parking garage.
  • Take a good look at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) you're about to use. If it is obstructed from public view, or not well lit, go to another ATM location for your own safety. Take precautions to prevent someone from seeing you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Shield the screen and keypad when using an ATM or Interac* Direct Payment terminal.

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