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Professionals Banking - Resources for Professionals

Managing Your Practice



Whatever your professional role, an important part of your success will depend on how efficiently you manage your business. This is Practice Management.

The scope of Practice Management includes:

  • effective short and long term planning
  • proactive decision making
  • an efficient office design
  • motivated high-performance staff
  • efficient communication systems
  • successful billing mechanisms
  • effective cash management
  • excellent records/file management programs
  • good time management habits
  • use of excellent business professionals

Sound Practice Management principles utilize your operational skills in running your business so that you achieve:

A healthy bottom line

  • Efficiency leads to improved income and decreased expenses

Control over your time management

  • The perception of professionals working long hours can be laid to rest with proper time management

An excellent relationship with your clients

  • For most professionals, the most successful marketing is done by word of mouth

An excellent relationship with your staff

  • Staff members who feel appreciated for the work they do have generally high productivity and efficiency levels.

Control over your paperwork

  • Paperwork is the bane of most professionals, yet properly managed, it needn't take much time out of your day

An enjoyable work environment

  • You enjoy coming in to work each day because there are few administrative hassles and a reduction in potential stressful situations

A balance between your professional life and personal life

  • Good practice management allows you to work a set number hours in the office to achieve your professional goals without interfering with personal time
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