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Professionals Banking - Resources for Professionals

Managing Your Practice


Motivating Staff

Staff productivity and efficiency are essential to the growth and success of any practice. If employees don't enjoy their work, morale will fall.

Excellent employees rarely make the same mistake twice, so motivating staff towards excellence is an important area of staff management that should never be ignored. If you can learn to motivate your staff and improve their morale, they will be inspired to return your faith in them with high efficiency and productivity.

  • Treat your employees as valuable members of your team and pay them a salary that reflects their worth. Money is not the main motivator for staff to do an excellent job, but a poor salary will ensure that you lose good staff, and that leads to higher staff turnover
  • Acknowledge regularly the 98% of error-free work that members of your staff produce. Don't dwell on the small percentage of errors once a mistake has been brought to that staff member's attention
  • Listen to staff suggestions for improvement, and act upon their worthwhile ideas
  • Give immediate feedback and positive reinforcement whenever possible
  • Never criticize your staff in front of other staff or clients
  • Give staff more autonomy over their positions as they become more confident and responsible
  • Provide your staff with regular (annual) appraisals of their work. This should not be a judgment session, but a positive experience that assists the staff member in assessing their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Offer continued training to propel your staff to excellence.
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