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Business Resources - Growing Your Business

Getting Ready


Learning to Let Go

As the business owner, you may find it difficult to delegate tasks that you’ve handled until now. However, effective delegation is essential if your business is to grow. This quick self-test is designed to measure your willingness to delegate.

Are you comfortable delegating critical tasks to capable employees?    
Are you willing to take the time to train someone else to carry out routine tasks that are fast and easy for you?    
Are you ready to delegate tasks that you enjoy doing?    
When you assign tasks, do you offer someone other than yourself as a resource if the employee encounters difficulties?    
Can you delegate a task without specifying how to carry it out?    
Do you trust your top employees to manage your important, long-term clients?    
Do you know how to set up reporting stages for employees who have been assigned complex projects that you once handled?    
Does your management team have independent decision making AND spending authority, either individually or as a group?    
Do tasks related to your area of direct expertise occupy more than 80% of your time?    
Are you clear on what the best use of your time is?    

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