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Cash Handling

With so many payment options available – from credit and debit cards to electronic transactions – cash is still most commonly used for smaller purchases. That’s especially true for businesses that deal with large sums of cash daily.

We understand how important effective cash handling practices are to the successful operation of your business. Whether you run a small delicatessen or a sprawling retail complex, we can offer you a customized solution backed by sound financial advice from an expert who knows your industry inside and out.

Flexible cash handling options

Whether you need to drop off your business deposits at your local bank branch or require an armoured car service for daily pick-ups at several locations, we can advise you on the cash handling solution that’s right for your business.

  Appropriate for: Key benefit
ATM Businesses with smaller amounts of cash and cheques for deposit. Same day credit on deposits made before 6 PM. Receive a receipt with every transaction.
Night and Day Deposit Businesses that make large cash and cheque deposits on a regular basis. The convenience of making deposits at any time.
Armoured Car Businesses that deal with large amounts of cash and require added security when making deposits/receiving cash and coins for change funds. Increased employee safety and security.
Provides an audit trail.
Added convenience – deposits are picked up at your door and delivered for you.
National Direct Deposit Service Businesses with several locations. The ease and simplicity of managing your funds through one central account.

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Solid cash handling practices proposed by your RBC® account manager can help protect your business, reduce fraud and speed up your cash flow.
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The content provided here is for informational purposes only. You should consult your own professional advisors when implementing any strategy to ensure your individual circumstances are properly considered and that your actions are based on the latest available information.

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