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Dedicated Specialists


Dedicated Specialists

Our specialized retail account managers can provide relevant industry-specific advice to help you achieve your goals. They’ll offer you ongoing support and advice to ensure you continue to meet the needs of your consumers.


Our specialists are uniquely qualified to help you:

  • Grow your business by obtaining the financing you need, connecting you to our national network of leasing specialists, streamlining your import process and helping to ensure your suppliers meet the terms of your contracts.
  • Grow your customer base, build customer loyalty and increase repeat visits using gift card and loyalty programs from Moneris Solutions®.
  • Serve your customers better by accepting a variety of electronic payment methods whether they shop at your business premises or online, and speed up your check out lines with the right point of sale equipment.
  • Take your business online with Moneris’ e-commerce solutions and affordable web-hosting service,
  • Increase employee loyalty with group financial services customized for your business, enhance your Human Resource (HR) practices, and reward outstanding performance using gift certificates.
  • Save time and money by accessing banking services when you need them, using our convenient day and night deposit services, online banking and RBC Express.
  • Reduce fraud, lower your banking costs and reduce administrative costs with electronic payment services, cheque fraud detection, digital imaging and automatic payroll processing.

Talk to one of our retail specialists about your business. We’re industry leaders and we’d like to help you benefit from our extensive experience serving retailers just like you.

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Hear how our Retail specialists can provide valuable
financial advice, innovative solutions, and timely, effective service
for your business.
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Supporting the Spirit of Innovation

”Our business is seasonal, so we buy materials in the winter, which is our slow season, to prepare for the spring and summer. In order to facilitate this, our RBC account manager was able to get us an increased line of credit. All in all, we are very pleased with the customer service we have received from RBC.”

Doreen Braverman,
International Flag & Banner Inc.

05/01/2012 15:13:52