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Business Client Cards

Get your cards today for greater convenience

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of accessing your business banking accounts and other eligible RBC Royal Bank business products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you're at the office, at home or out of the country.

Your Business Client Card includes built-in chip technology and Interac Flash, ensuring the safety and security of your account.

You’ll also get an easier way to track expenses, perform audits and conduct account reconciliation. Account statements display the unique code of the card used for each transaction.

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Choose the ideal card for your business needs

Primary Business Client Card

Additional Business Client Cards

Deposit-Only Agent Cards
Easy identification at RBC branches and full access to all(¹) business accounts checkmark checkmark  

ATM Access

checkmark checkmark checkmark

Purchases made with debit card

checkmark checkmark

Online and telephone
banking access

checkmark Enrol in RBC Express if more than one person needs access to online banking

1) On which the cardholder has signing authority

Keeping your business efficient

Primary Business Client Card
Primary Business Client Card: One primary card that gives you full-function access to all your business accounts. Manage your banking at the branch, make deposits or withdrawals and transfer funds at ATMs and perform point-of-sale purchases. Plus, you’ll have access to RBC Online Banking where you can pay bills, transfer funds and keep track of all your transactions. Not near a computer? Do your banking over the phone with Telephone Banking.
Additional Business Client Cards
Additional Business Client Cards: For those who have signing authority on the business account(s). This card enables holders to access the account(s) at any RBC branch, make deposits or withdrawals at any ATM, as well as make point-of-sale purchases. The daily maximum limit assigned to the Primary Business Client Card for the account(s) are shared with any and all Additional Business Client Cards. A unique code identifying each Additional Business Client Card on your statement will allow easy reconciliation for recordkeeping and audit purposes.
Deposit-Only Agent Cards
Deposit-Only Agent Cards: This card is meant for those who only make deposits into select primary business account(s) on your behalf at any RBC ATM. This card offers no withdrawal capabilities or access to balance information. A unique code for each Deposit Only card on your statement will allow easy reconciliation of transactions and audit trail.

Access Your Account Anywhere, Anytime

Effective January 1st, 2013: only Client Cards with chip technology will be accepted at ATMs in Canada. Learn more (opens new window)

Your Business Client Card provides access to your business accounts for your business banking and payment needs through:

Interac Direct Payment
Interac Direct Payment
  • Banking Machines (ATMs) across Canada and around the world, including:
    • RBC Royal Bank ATMs
    • Canadian ATMs displaying the Interac logo
    • International ATMs displaying the PLUS System logo
  • Retailers across Canada displaying the Interac Direct Payment symbol for purchases made directly from your business account
  • RBC Royal Bank Online Banking
  • RBC Royal Bank Telephone Banking

Need to delegate banking to others or manage multiple companies/entities?

RBC Express is a flexible online banking solution that allows your business to:

  • Securely delegate banking and financial responsibilities
  • Manage banking and finances for multiple companies/entities
  • Protect your business against fraud inside and outside your company

Talk to a Specialist

For more information, to request your Business Client Cards, or to register for RBC Express, please visit any RBC Royal Bank Branch, contact your RBC Royal Bank Account Manager, or call us at 1-800-769-2520