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Paper Statements for Business Accounts

Simple, Straightforward and Easy to Read.

Enjoy banking made even easier with the new RBC Business Account statement. Written in clear, everyday language, it gives you the benefits of:

  • eStatement option. You can receive your statement electronically for FREE – it's safe, easy, and environmentally friendly.1
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  • Cheque Image pages. Receive high quality images of both the front and back of your cancelled cheques, instead of the original paper cheques. Cheque images will be displayed in serial number order. Individual images of your cheques will also be available for viewing online.2
  • Secure archive. Your statements and cancelled cheque image pages will be securely archived for up to seven years.2

For more information, speak with your account manager, visit your local branch, or call us at 1-800-769-2520.

1) Only the Business Owner or authorized signing officer of an account can change its options.
2) Archive will start with statements produced after September 2008. If your recordkeeping option is a paper statement, a $2.50 fee will apply to view the statement online. If your record keeping option is an Electronic Statement then the statement can be viewed through your online banking site at no additional cost. Regular account and service fees may apply. Fees subject to change without notice.