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You will earn i) $1.00 back for every $100.00 (1% Cash Back Credit) in Net Purchases you make (including pre-authorized bill payments) and, ii) for the first 3 full monthly statement periods (approximately 3 months from the date your Account is opened), you will earn an additional $1.00 back for every $100.00 (1% Cash Back Credit, for a total of 2%) in Net Purchases you make (including pre-authorized bill payments), up to a maximum Cash Back Credit of $500.00 per Annual Period, when you use your RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard to pay. Provided your New Cash Back Balance is $25.00 or more, Cash Back Credits earned during the year will i) automatically be credited to your January Account balance and appear on your February monthly statement, ii) and/or be credited to your account at any other time, upon request. Cash Back Credits are not earned on cash advances (including RBC Royal Bank credit card cheques, balance transfers, cash-like transactions and certain bill payments that are not pre-authorized charges that you set up with a merchant), interest charges or fees, and credits for returns and adjustments will reduce or cancel the cash back credits earned by the amounts originally charged. The additional 1% Cash Back Credit welcome bonus is only applicable to Accounts opened before December 31, 2015; all Accounts opened after that date will earn 1% Cash Back Credit on all purchases. For complete details, please refer to the RBC Cash Back Program Terms and Conditions at: (opens new window).

** The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard offers the best cash back earn rates on total net annual purchases of $20,000 or less.

* Annual cash back cap: $500

1) Coverage underwritten by RBC General Insurance Company in the Province of Quebec and by RBC Insurance Company of Canada in the rest of Canada.

Insurance benefits are available to Canadian residents only. All insurance is subject to limitations and exclusions.