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Guaranteed Return GICs

Security and Peace-of-mind

With Guaranteed Return GICs, your interest rate is guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry about any changes in the markets or the economy. With a number of different products, Guaranteed Return GICs offer a wide range of features and options, including:

Expand - Flexible terms Flexible terms

Expand - Access to funds Access to funds

Expand - Different interest payment options Different interest payment options

Expand - Escalating Rates Escalating Rates

Guaranteed-Return GICs Details
Non-Redeemable & Redeemable GICs Offer a fixed rate of return for a specific term, with both principal and interest guaranteed.
One-Year Cashable GIC Cashable at any time with interest paid if held for 30 days or longer.
RateAdvantage GIC® Guaranteed interest rate increases at each anniversary date.
Five-in-One GIC® Your principal is divided into five equal portions with maturities of one to five years.
Building Block GIC® Designed for you to automatically save regularly while earning the same guaranteed rate as you accumulate funds.
U.S. Dollar Term Deposits Offers a fixed rate of interest for a specific term.
Income Builder GIC Provides guaranteed, predictable cash flow, customized for your needs.

1) Cashable at any time with interest paid if held for 30 days or longer.


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