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About Montserrat

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Montserrat is home to one of four West Indian volcanoes that share the name "Soufriere." In July 1995, after being dormant for 400 years, the 1,000 metre high mountain awakened. By mid-1996, the capital city of Plymouth had to be abandoned as it became covered in lava and ash. As a result of the devastation in the south of the island, the people of Montserrat have suffered enormously and at the height of the eruptions the population was reduced from around 13,000 to about 4,000.

Now, after the volcano has been quiet for some time, the central exclusion zone has been partially re-opened. Significant investments in new infrastructure have been made in the north. Throughout, RBC Royal Bank of Canada remained as the only foreign financial institution and has now consolidated its operations in the safe zone in Brades.

The island was settled in 1632 by a group of Irishmen from St. Kitts. RBC Royal Bank of Canada has maintained a continuous presence there since opening in November 1917.

RBC Royal Bank of Canada operates one branch and one RoyalTouch™ Automated Banking Machine in Montserrat.

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