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Reducing your paper waste

Reducing your paper waste

Whatever happened to the paperless office? A typical office generates about 1.5 pounds or almost 0.7 kg of wastepaper per employee per day.

Demand for paper accounts for about half of the commercial timber cut globally. One study found that deforestation has contributed to decreased biodiversity, also contributing to climate change.

For many organizations, better managing the paper they have — and reducing their paper footprint — has become a significant environmental sustainability challenge.

When it comes to paper, waste comes in many forms. Since 2006, for instance, over four million RBC bank accounts have switched from paper to electronic statements. The paper savings alone amount to approximately 800 metric tonnes — the equivalent of more than 22,000 trees.

From paperless record-keeping to rethinking graphic design, there are many ways to reduce the amount of paper your organization requires. Tackling the challenge begins with figuring out not only how much paper you use, but how to purchase more responsibly.

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