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International Expansion Requires Professional Expertise

International Expansion Requires Professional Expertise

If you're a Canadian-based company thinking of expanding internationally, do you know what you need to consider before entering a foreign market? What are the key issues that can make your endeavour successful and help avoid costly mistakes? This article outlines key things business owners need to consider before expanding their operations beyond Canada's borders. It also highlights the importance of obtaining legal advice when developing international expansion strategies.

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Global Country Reports

Global Country Reports

These reports provide helpful information on the current business environment in various countries throughout the world. They are designed to assist companies in doing business and establishing effective banking arrangements.

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U.S.–Bound Businesses Plan for Success

U.S.–Bound Businesses Plan for Success

For Canadian firms looking to do business abroad, the U.S. is a natural destination. While the two markets have many similarities, companies who want to help ensure success south of the border need to recognize some key differences too.

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Use the Global Country Reports FAQ tool to get a printable document with the answers to your questions.

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Investing in Business Productivity

Investing in Business Productivity  – Held November 24

View an archive or download an audio only podcast (MP3) With Wendy Carroll, Vice President, Leasing at RBC Royal Bank; whether you're a heavy manufacturer or a small retailer, Wendy will help you understand how to finance your next equipment purchase.

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Considering an Energy Retrofit?

Considering an Energy Retrofit? – September 21, 2010

View an archive or download a podcast (MP3) where we share best practices in developing, financing and managing an effective energy retrofit plan.

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Foreign Exchange: Risk or Opportunity?

Foreign Exchange: Risk or Opportunity?  – June 9, 2010

View an archive or download a podcast of John Kuziora, Managing Director, Foreign Exchange at RBC Royal Bank. Whether you are a global business or just dealing with occasional cross–border transactions, John will help you determine what kind of FX strategy is appropriate for your organization and share the tools for how to develop one.

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