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Report on Business & the Environment: Agriculture 2012

Growing from strength: Farmers enhance productivity with sustainable innovation

Report on Business & the Environment: Agriculture 2012

While global population continues to grow and the demand for food increases, more and more consumers ask questions about the connection between their food choices and the environment, they worry about how and where their food is grown. Canadian farmers have a long standing commitment to the land they call home and to the environment they live in. They are at the forefront of sustainability efforts investing in the environmental sustainability of their farms and their operations. But there is still work to be done.

RBC Royal Bank has partnered with the Farm & Food Care Foundation to create a report designed to help Canadian farmers and agri-businesses to better understand the risks and business opportunities associated with the environmental sustainability challenge.

This report, the third in a series on Business & the Environment, addresses the top sustainability issues facing Canadian Agricultural sector. It showcases many inspiring and real-life stories as well as best-in-class examples of how farmers have responded to global environmental sustainability challenges and how making sustainability a business priority helped them to reduce their operating costs, increase productivity and make them more competitive.

In the report, Bruce Christie, Chair of the Farm and Food Care Foundation recognizes the significant contribution that the agricultural sector has already made towards environmental sustainability and encourages farmers, agri-business and food industry partners to continue dialogue about the future of food production in Canada.


The work we are undertaking today to protect our environment will ensure an abundance of good food choices and healthy, prosperous farming businesses for future generations of Canadians, including the farming families who work so hard to grow our food.

Bruce Christie,
Farm & Food Care Foundation


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