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Report on Business & the Environment: Logistics 2012

Focus Forward: Enhancing Supply Chain Value with Green Logistics and Transportation

Report on Business & the Environment: Logistics 2012

As international trade grows, so too does the need for companies to create more focused and resilient supply chains: logistics and transport have moved from the backroom to the boardroom to become a competitive differentiator, critical for business success. With responsibility for the efficient flow of billions of dollars worth of materials and goods worldwide, logistics and transport also have a key role to play in solving the environmental sustainability challenge.

RBC has partnered with Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada (SCL) to create a report designed to help leaders in the logistic sector better understand the risks and business opportunities presented by the environmental sustainability challenge.

This report, the second in a series on Business & the Environment, addresses the top sustainability issues facing logistics and transportation companies today. It showcases many inspiring stories and a compelling business case for making the transition to a cleaner, greener approach to supply chain management. These success stories show how smart business goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability, and how environmental sustainability may hold a key to the future competitiveness of your business.

In the report, Bob Armstrong, president of SCL, encourages leaders of logistic and transportation companies to undertake to fully understand the latest issues and developments and reap the benefits of a greener business for years to come.


With supply chain management becoming ever more critical to the success of any business strategy, logistics organizations need to explore the role environmental and social sustainability can play toward enhancing competitiveness.

Bob Armstrong C.I.T.P.,
Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada


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