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Report on Business & the Environment: Retail 2012

Re-envisioning retail: Creating business value while leading the way toward more sustainable living

Report on Business & the Environment: Retail 2012

Every day millions of Canadians depend on local and national retailers to provide them with the many goods and services that enrich their lives. Positioned, as they are, at the nexus of consumption itself, retailers are well placed to effect mass change towards sustainability.

RBC Royal Bank has partnered with the Retail Council of Canada to create a report designed to help Canadian retailers better understand the business risks and opportunities associated with the environmental sustainability challenge.

This report, the fourth in a series on Business & the Environment, addresses the top sustainability issues facing Canadian retailers. It showcases many inspiring stories from retailers cross Canada who have already benefitted from making a shift towards a greener approach to retail management. These success stories show how simple practices can help your business to reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance brand reputation and become more competitive.

In the report, Diane Brisebois, President & CEO of the Retail Council of Canada encourages Canadian retailers to take a leadership position in developing sustainability strategies as well as coming together as an industry to develop best practices to achieve progress on sustainability issues.


Retailers are intimately connected with our environment and our communities. They work with farmers, food and consumer products manufacturers, vendors and distributors to serve consumers in every community across this country. This provides them with the unique opportunity and responsibility to help influence and shape sustainability efforts.

Diane J. Brisebois,
President & CEO
Retail Council of Canada


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