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Want fresh ideas? Look outside your normal circle of business contacts. Producers are changing how they access advice and where they seek it.

At one time, a government extension specialist was a common sight on Canadian farms. Producers counted on these professionals for wise counsel in areas as diverse as production, finance and management. In the last 15 years, the federal and most provincial governments have withdrawn from the business of extension and technology transfer. Over the same period, the complexity of issues faced by Canadian farms has increased. So where are producers going for advice?

Included in this article, Darrell Toma, an author of a comprehensive study on the Best Management Practices of Western Canada’s top producers, sees producers finding new sources of brainpower in the following:

  • Input and equipment suppliers
  • Bankers and accountants
  • Agronomic consultants
  • Internet service providers
  • Strategic planning circles
  • Family members
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