The carbon effect

It might seem that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions should be of greater concern to a larger industrial entity than to a smaller office. But the reality is that even if they have not already taken action, all organizations need to understand their carbon risks – and opportunities.

Whatever your size, operations or emissions, consider that – beyond the regulators – your customers (whether consumers or other businesses), shareholders and the financial markets may demand action: specifically concrete steps to quantify, disclose and control your carbon footprint.

A “carbon footprint” is the quantity of GHG emissions resulting from a process/activity, as well as indirectly from an organization’s supply chain.

There are many things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint such as using renewable energy to promote energy conservation with your employees.

By managing your carbon footprint, you will be reducing risk, not to mention potentially saving money, increasing the efficiency of your operations and boosting your reputation as a more environmentally friendly organization.

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