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Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

RBC Equipment PurchaseLine®

Whether you grow crops, raise livestock, or milk cows, properly equipping your farm business is essential to being productive, competitive and profitable. When you need equipment, the last thing you want are restrictions or lengthy financing approval delays. Your RBC Equipment PurchaseLine lets you buy when you decide it's time.

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RBC Farm Management Line®

A convenient option for commercial farmers who may be looking at expanding their operations. This solution finances equipment, land purchases, quota and/or renovations, so you can grow your business while protecting your cash flow.

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Royal Business OperatingLine

When it comes to meeting the day-to-day cash flow needs of farming, it helps to have ready access to capital. When you need it, it's ready to go.

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Term Loans

With our fixed-rate and variable-rate term loans – available in Canadian and U.S. funds – you can buy the farm assets you need and manage your cash flow along the way.

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Equipment Leasing

Financing growth can be one of the greatest challenges for any producer. Leasing can be an efficient and effective way to manage growth and plan the replacement of your equipment.

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RoyFarm Mortgage – Multiple Loan Option

Need more land, newer buildings, better equipment or additional quota? The RoyFarm Mortgage® offers the ultimate in flexibility and control. With the RoyFarm Mortgage Multiple Loan Option®, you can take out one mortgage, divide it into a number of different loans, and manage each independently.

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Credit Cards

RBC Royal Bank Visa Business cards offer a simple way to pay for purchases, cover farm expenses and manage your cash flow. Choose the RBC Royal Bank Visa Business card for basic benefits or the RBC Royal Bank Visa Business Platinum Avion® card, which offers superior rewards and enhanced security.

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Overdraft Protection

Nobody likes being overdrawn, but in a busy farm enterprise, it can happen from time to time. We can help you with a solution for those occasions with Royal Business Overdraft Protection.

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Business Loan Insurance Plan

Provide the extra financial security your business needs during a difficult time, while protecting your family and the people who keep your business running.

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Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA)

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) is a government program designed to provide loans that support the development of farms and farm products.

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La Financière agricole Du Québec

La Financière agricole du Québec is a Government of Quebec program designed to support the successful and sustainable development of farm businesses in Quebec.

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Useful advice, tips and tools such as publications and our podcast series that will help you with your agriculture business.

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