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Foreign Exchange

Canadian agriculture plays on the world stage, and is increasingly influenced by global markets, world prices and currency fluctuations. Manage today's market complexity and protect your business from currency fluctuations with tailored foreign exchange tools.

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Commodities & Financial Futures

Effectively manage your commodity price risk with futures and options available through RBC Dominion Securities®.

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International Trade

In an global economy you need to consider the risks of buying and selling in a foreign country where business practices and conditions may be beyond your control.

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Employee Benefits

A stable, productive workforce is critical to the success of any farm business. Employee turnover, absenteeism and personal financial stress can hold your operation back from it's peak performance level. Take care of your employees overall financial wellness with RBC Group Advantage.

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Forwards, Swaps & Options

Take advantage of a full range of RBC Capital Markets® over the counter (OTC) derivative capabilities specifically geared to agriculture. Manage market risk across both upstream and downstream markets.

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Interest Rate Risk

Manage your exposure to interest rate fluctuations by having access to both fixed and floating rates and locking in rates for different terms.

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Useful advice, tips and tools such as publications and our podcast series that will help you with your agriculture business.

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