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Useful advice, tips and tools that will help you with your agriculture business.


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Today, agriculture producers are not isolated from the ever-increasing demands of running a successful business. This series will stimulate the business-minded producer by asking questions, providing some answers and most importantly provide some tools to increase the probability of business success.

The Art of Goal Setting

In this episode Dr. David Kohl, Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus, shares valuable advice on the importance of setting goals with quick, easy steps and critical thinking that allow you and your farm business to succeed.

Instincts & Analytics in Decision Making

In this episode of Mind your Farm Business, we speak with Terry Betker, P.Ag., CAC, President and CEO of Backswath Management Inc. about incorporating more analytics into your farm management decision making.

Risk Management

In this episode of Mind Your Farm Business, we talk with Dr. Michael Boehlje –Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, Centre for Commercial Agriculture, about the sources of risk, strategies you can use to manage the two types of risks (operational and strategic) and how to capture the potential of uncertainty by developing a risk management model the will reward.

Margin Compression

In this episode of Mind your Farm Business, we speak with Brent Gloy, visiting professor for the Department of Agriculture Economics with Purdue University, about anticipating margin compression and the steps you can take to minimize your margin risk.

Peer Advisory Groups

How can a peer advisory group benefit your farm business operation? Listen to this episode with Danny Klinefelter, Texas A&M ag economist, and hear how learning from the experiences of peers offers accountability, encouragement, advice and support that can help expand your business knowledge and improve your farm management skills.

Farming Inc.

In this episode of Mind Your Farm Business, we talk with Merle Good, Farm Business Advisor, GRS Limited Succession Planner, about the financial and operational considerations of incorporating your farm. Succession planning, potential roadblocks and how to maintain success after incorporation are discussed.

Currency Risk

Is there an ideal exchange value for the Canadian dollar for Canadian farmers? Who benefits most at a lower exchange rate? What does it mean for trade (at the farm level)? In this podcast Keith Ferley, Commodity Futures Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities provides an overview of the role of exchange rates in managing your farm business.

Accrual Accounting

How do you measure the profitability on your farm? In this episode of Mind your Farm Business listen to Dean Klippenstine of MNP, talk about moving your farm from a cash basis to accrual accounting and how it might change the business decisions you make.

Interest Rates

Why are interest rates important? Listen to this episode of Mind Your Farm Business on how to manage your way through interest rate fluctuations. Why and how to do a sensitivity analysis. As well as practical tools and advice that are sure to help you in your farm business.

Financial Ratios

Why are financial ratios important and how can you use them to manage the growth and profitability of your farm business? In this episode of Mind Your Farm Business we’re talking with Larry Martin, principal in Agri-Food Management Excellence to shed light on these questions plus a whole lot more.

Bulletproof your Balance Sheet

How do you bulletproof your balance sheet? In this episode we review the numbers in a balance sheet, how they should be determined in the first place and how that information can be used to make decisions that ensure your business remains sustainable and healthy for the long term.

Farm Succession Planning

Farming has traditionally been a family business, but that doesn’t mean transitioning the business is a smooth process. Be sure to listen to this podcast as we talk with Jolene Brown, a professional speaker, author and family business consultant about what your plan is for your farm’s legacy.

The 5% Rule

Hear how a few small changes can have a big impact on your revenue. Kristjan Hebert of Hebert Grain Ventures explains why the 5% rule could change the way you run your farm.

The Business Scorecard

What is the business scorecard? In this episode we take a closer look at using a business scorecard to help you self-evaluate, create an action plan and make a huge difference in your farm business.

Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions

There are a lot of ways to grow your business, but you need to make sure that not only do you think about what you want, but what is also best for your business. In this episode we address the issues that need to be considered when it comes to joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions as a business growth or sustainability strategy.

Importance of Working Capital

Working capital is the financial shock absorber when you hit a rough patch. In this episode we speak with Dr. Kohl about the importance of working capital, how to define it, how to track it and how to improve your working capital.

Risk Assessment

The ever-changing business climate for agriculture poses a number of risks for farmers. In this episode we are joined by Jim Mintert of Purdue University to highlight sources of risk in today's farm economy and how best to approach managing these risks on your farm operation.

Innovating in Agriculture

Boosting productivity and production are essential in agriculture but being innovative is not easy. In this episode of Mind Your Farm Business we speak with Rob Saik, founder of Agri-Trend on the importance of innovation and how you can integrate it to improve higher levels of productivity and profitability for your farm.

Taking Advantage of Trade Agreements

There is no question the Canadian agriculture sector is reliant on trade. What do trade deals actually mean at the individual farm or business level? Are they an opportunity or threat? In this episode we talk to David McInnis, President and CEO of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute on why you should care and how these international trade deals can and will likely impact your business.

Human Resources

As Canadian farms continue to grow, so does the need for talented employees. But how do you find and attract those individuals and once you have them in your employ, how do you keep them? In this episode, we're joined by Lynn Perry from Integrity Human Resources Services to talk about attracting and retaining farm employees.

Marrying into the Family Farm

Every family farm wants harmony in their business. In this episode we talk with Certified Coach, Elaine Froese about the power of communication and the three C’s for managing conflict that help create stability to secure the legacy of your family farm.

Fair vs. Equal

Farmers have long come to accept that family is their greatest strength but sometimes their greatest weakness. It is not easy working in a family business and it’s especially not easy when dealing with words like fair and equal and trying to figure out what those actually mean. In this episode we talk with family farm business consultant Jolene Brown about the difference between fair and equal, and some tips and things to think about to ensure that your family farm succession process goes successfully.

Farm Business Planning

Weather and markets are changing all the time, so why should you do a farm business plan? In this episode, we're joined by Rob Hannam to talk about what a written farm business plan is. Why it's important to have one and the four key steps to take that will help with developing your plan.

Risk Management Strategies

As farmers, you’re used to dealing with a certain amount of risk in everything from the weather forecast to global markets, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your future to the fates. In this week’s podcast, Shaun Haney and Kristjan Hebert talk about what we can and can’t control, and strategies for managing risk accordingly.

Relating to Risk

Running a farm without any risk might sound heavenly, but with no risk, there is often no reward. In fact, risk and opportunity are so closely tied together that sometimes taking no risks is the riskiest thing of all! Confused? Don’t worry—in this episode of Mind Your Farm Business, Gwen Paddock will walk (and talk) us through how to manage the upsides and downsides of both financial and business risk on the farm.

The Funeral Home - Succession Planning

Nobody really wants to talk about it, but you can’t leave the discussion about what happens to your family farm until your funeral. In this episode, guest Jolene Brown joins us to talk about how to “honour the family by doing the business right.” This means having a well thought-out family farm succession plan—and some frank conversations before it’s too late.

Minding the Generation Gap in Succession Planning

You may have dreamed of the day when your son, daughter or other junior partner would take over the farm business. But that dream can devolve into a nightmare when trying to balance both parties’ best interests with what is best for the business. In this Mind your Farm Business podcast, Shaun Haney and Carolyn Rodenberg discuss generational perspectives in family farm succession planning, particularly from the viewpoint of the younger partner.

Handing Over The Reins

One day, somebody other than you will be running your farm. If that thought gives you goosebumps or – worse yet – if you’ve never thought about it before, you won’t want to miss this podcast. Shaun Haney and Dick Wittman look at family farm succession through the lens of the senior, or “outgoing” generation.

Planning Your Successful Farm Business

Everyone’s version – or vision – of success is different. Once you know what that looks like for you and your farm business, you’ll need a concrete plan to turn that vision into reality. Tune in to this episode of Mind Your Farm Business to hear Kelvin Heppner and Dean Klippenstine run down the benefits of farm business planning.