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Borrowing Funds

Get the Business Financing You Need

Expanding your business in other regions around the world can increase your need for financing. Most RBC business loans are available in both Canadian and U.S. dollars.

Talk to your Account Manager about all the options for financing to help your business grow and succeed in other regions.


Take Advantage of Our International Expertise

Our dedicated specialists can show you how to put our strength to work for you and help you succeed in achieving your global business goals.

To find out how you can take advantage of our expert business advice and solutions, please contact your RBC Account Manager today or call 1-800-769-2520.


Foreign exchange
Borrowing and credit


Our projects are carried out mainly in Africa (Congo, Algeria, Nigeria, etc.) and can go on for as long as a year. We receive an initial deposit, but we have to take care of the rest of the project ourselves. Because most of the transactions are non-standard and in developing markets, RBC looks at the transaction carefully and takes the time to analyze it before deciding how to proceed. They choose the direction in order to find the financing solution that meets our specific needs. In partnership with EDC, RBC issued the line of credit that finances our international projects.

- Pierre Francoeur, Vice President Finance
The Aeronav Group, Pointe-Claire, Quebec