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Foreign Exchange

Optimize the Value of Your Foreign Currency Cash Flows

Transacting business in any foreign currency can be challenging—and the timing of your currency conversions can often have a major impact on your business results.

As you navigate the challenges and opportunities of doing business in other regions around the world, let us help you improve your foreign currency cash flows by maximizing the value of your receivables and minimizing the cost of your payables.

Take advantage of our competitive exchange rates and simplify your business processes with our flawless execution of your foreign exchange transactions.


Foreign Currency Transactions

You can make and receive payments in foreign currencies using your existing RBC accounts:

  • Choose the payment method that matches your needs and then convert your Canadian dollars to foreign currency when the payment is sent.
  • Foreign currency receivables—cheques, drafts, money orders and wire transfers—can be sent directly to your Canadian dollar account for conversion and deposit.

Choose from a Full Range of Foreign Exchange Services

As your international business grows and changes, you can choose from a comprehensive range of foreign exchange services at RBC Royal Bank.

Whether your transactions are for $100 or $100 million, our integrated foreign exchange solutions will help you to:

  • Minimize your exchange rate risk on future transactions
  • Optimize the value of your foreign currency cash flows
  • Improve your business planning

Take Advantage of Our International Expertise

Our dedicated specialists can show you how to put our strength to work for you and help you succeed in achieving your global business goals.

To find out how you can take advantage of our expert business advice and solutions, please contact your RBC Account Manager today or call 1-800-769-2520.


Foreign exchange
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We use letters of credit and the foreign exchange department, and we contact the support team regularly. What always amazes me is that I am treated as though I’m the bank’s only client. They really give us all of their availability and suppor

- Pierre Francoeur,
Director of Finance & Administration
The Aeronav Group, Pointe-Claire, Quebec