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Making Payments

Make Cost-Effective Payments to Latin American Suppliers

Whether your company is just starting out or has established a reputation in the region, making on-time, cost-effective payments is essential to strengthen relationships and build your business.

You can reassure suppliers that they will be paid by using one of the following payment methods:

  • Provide a letter of credit issued by RBC to the supplier’s bank to reassure them payment will be made when goods are shipped
  • Provide a wire transfer in the requested currency to ensure the payment is received quickly and cannot be disputed.
  • Pay upon receipt of shipping documents sent from their bank to RBC via documentary collection—with this method, you can be sure the goods have been shipped before you pay.
  • Pay with a draft or money order in the currency your suppliers request

You can use your business credit card to pay for smaller purchases and for business expenses such as travel and entertainment.


Take Advantage of Our International Expertise

Our dedicated specialists can show you how to put our strength to work for you and help you succeed in achieving your global business goals.

To find out how you can take advantage of our expert business advice and solutions, please contact your RBC Account Manager today or call 1-800-769-2520.


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