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Health-Care Professionals
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Health-Care Professionals

From Student to Business-Owner, We’ve Got Health-Care Professionals Covered

At RBC, we appreciate the important role that health care providers play in protecting Canadians, and we are proud to work closely with you to help you succeed and achieve your goals.

Our health care professionals’ team includes personal financial advisors and commercial account managers who have extensive experience helping health care professionals at every stage of their career.

Please visit the sites below to see the full range of our offerings for health care professionals like you.

Medical & Dental Students   Residents & Interns

The continuation of your education to become an accredited health-care professional is an exciting time - but also an expensive one. we can offer advice and solutions to support you during your education.


As you complete your education and begin your residency or internship, our financial advisors can help by offering financial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Health-Care Professionals - salaried employees   Health-Care Professionals – business owners

If you are a health care professional who practices in a hospital or as a salaried employee, consider speaking to an RBC financial advisor about our solutions designed to simplify your personal finances.


Managing a successful practice takes time – time that you could be devoting to your patients. An RBC commercial health-care specialist can offer advice on effective practice financial management and more.

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Equip Yourself to Make the Best Decision for Your Practice
Part of staying on the "leading edge" involves making the right decisions about equipment — not just what to get and when, but also whether to buy or lease, and from whom.
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