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Documentary Collections

Ensure Payment for Your Exported Goods

As an exporter, you need to consider the credit risk of your foreign buyer. Business practices and conditions in foreign markets are beyond your control and it's not always practical, or possible, to request advance payment for your goods or services.

RBC can help you manage these concerns with a product that ensures the collecting bank will only release key documents to the importer after payment has been made or terms accepted.

Through Export Documentary Collections, your bank and the importer's bank act as intermediaries, and payment for international transactions are processed through both financial institutions. Typically, this involves the presentation of commercial documents and documents of title in exchange for payment - all securely processed through the two financial institutions.

It is important to note that a documentary collection establishes the importing company's obligation to pay, not its ability to pay. The bank only acts as a custodian of documents on behalf of both the exporter and importer.


A Simple, Safe Solution

Export Documentary Collections ensure that the collecting bank will release key documents to your purchaser only when payment has been made or financing confirmed by the buyer's bank. By taking advantage of this safe and efficient service, you can:

  • maintain ownership of your goods until payment is received or financing is confirmed by the importer's bank
  • retain RBC Royal Bank and our correspondents as your collection agent abroad
  • simplify your administration by delegating follow-up of your transactions to us

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