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Frequently Asked Questions

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Want to know more about payments to and from the U.S.? Have questions about credit checks? Want to know what do when you receive a cheque in a foreign currency? These are just some of the questions that will be answered below.

Expand Are payments to and from the U.S. different from other countries?

Expand What if I have already shipped the goods, but I find out the buyer can't pay?

Expand What if the goods that I am importing don't arrive as specified in the sales contract?

Expand Getting credit checks... should I bother?

Expand What type of insurance coverage should I have?

Expand Can I require payment in Canadian dollars in order to avoid foreign exchange risk?

Expand I have arranged a foreign collection for my purchase, but my bill of lading is missing. What will happen?

Expand I have just received a cheque in a foreign currency. What should I do with it?

Expand What government programs are there to help importers and exporters?


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