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Transportation and Logistics

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Solutions tailored to your business needs

Our industry specialists can provide tailored financial solutions to support you while you grow, gain efficiencies and react to market demands.

We had about 170 trailers with an average age of 9.5 years and we needed to buy newer vehicles to become a more efficient operation. RBC gave us a line of credit and that has facilitated our growth. RBC is always very flexible and open to our propositions.

- David Morgan, Clark Freightways

Minimizing currency risk

Businesses that accept payments from international customers have been significantly affected by fluctuations in the value of the Canadian dollar. To minimize the risks of a changing dollar, we can tailor hedging strategies to meet your needs.

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Premises upgrades

Warehouse expansions have become increasingly important to remain competitive. In addition, facility upgrades such as retrofitting to improve energy efficiency can help you save money in the long term. To support your effort to acquire property and upgrade existing facilities, we can provide you with a commercial mortgage, lease or term loan.

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Cross border capabilities

Cross-border banking options are a necessity for logistics and transportation companies. No matter where they are, your drivers can access their bank accounts and confirm payment. Additionally, online banking and Visa* cards offered in Canadian and U.S. dollars can help them simplify administration and manage business expenses.

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Managing and maximizing cash flow

In today’s market, ever-changing fuel prices and energy costs make it difficult to project expenses. Your account manager can suggest innovative ways to manage these and other costs more effectively. For example, fleet leases with staged maturities and revolving lease facilities will allow you to return equipment that is no longer needed, while hedging strategies will help you manage fuel cost uncertainties. Furthermore, you can simplify the management of your cash flow by giving select members of your team access to our industry-leading suite of secure online cash management services.

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Fleet and equipment upgrades

Fleet improvements and the use of state-of-the-art technology such as radio frequency identification tags (RFID) will help your business become more efficient and gain a competitive edge. Similarly, an investment in global positioning satellite systems and truck monitoring technology will help track goods, monitor equipment utilization, increase driver safety and reduce driver turnover. You can finance these and other expensive but necessary costs of doing business with an RBC term loan or lease.

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We understand what it takes to remain competitive and will provide you with the financial advice and solutions you need to help maximize your efficiencies and achieve your business goals.
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